Books Your Way To Success

Just for nostalgia, here are a few of the features built into the Touch Books Reader framework.

Ads on demand

With just a setting, you’ll enable Google AdMob integration. You can distribute your app for free and still make money from top Google-powered advertising.

In-App Purchase

Easily enable in-app purchase to unlock included content. You can have locked chapters or even books that can be unlocked by paying premium, extra premium content as future updates, etc..

Multiple chapters & table of contents
HTML power: formatted text, css styling, images, videos
In-chapter search, full-body search
Reading modes: night and day, customizable through CSS
User font resize
Autoscrolling (teleprompter)
Readers can select fragments and bookmark them as quotes
Quote navigation and quote social sharing
Editable bookmark list
Autobookmark of last read position
Landscape and Portrait reading modes
Page-by-page navigation with swipe or tap!
News web page with update notification
Popup with recent changes on first run since update
Popup with “Ask for review” after a customizable number of days since install
… and more!